Ravenclaw Potter Pack - Majesty and Friends - available from Majesty and Friends

Ravenclaw Potter Pack

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Witches, Wizards, muggles and magical folk alike! 

We put together a great potter themed pack for you! 

Great for a birthday, night in, movie marathon or just to treat yourself! You’re just as sane as I am. 

Box contains: 

1 official Ravenclaw Patch 

1 Sorting Hat Pin

1 Happee Birthdae Harry Cake pin

2 Magical Gummies

2 Chocolate Frogs- with trading cards 

2 Bertie Botts all flavor beans 

1 Twirl bar 

1 pack of blue raspberry Zotts, the foaming hard candy! 

1, 4 Oz Soy Ravenclaw Candle- scented Grape

1, 4 Oz Soy Luna Lovegood - Scented Sugar cookies!  

Value is: $100 and you save $30! 

Item can be shipped, delivered or curbside! 


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