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Peregrine Detox Bar

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The perfect gift for yourself, or a friend! It’s extreamly unisex, because we all have skin. 

We love Peregrine Supply Co, because we know them. Many years of craft shows have brought a new brand into the house. We are super proud to support Canadian brands, and wait until you catch the scents in this box! 


Built around the power of activated charcoal, our Detox Face Soap is a great way to deeply cleanse and refresh your face, without stripping the natural oils that balance and nourish your skin.


- Activated Charcoal will deeply cleanse your pores and remove toxins that can cause blemishes and irritation, without stripping the natural oils from your skin. This makes it a great choice for all skin types

- Bentonite Clay is loaded with trace nutrients and works to control problem skin by unclogging pores and reducing their apparent size, controlling the over-production of sebum, and lightly exfoliating your skin while you wash.

- The soap base is mild, meaning that it can be used everyday without causing any tightness or sensitivity on your skin.

- Scented with essential oils only, our Detox Face Soap is a great choice for sensitive or problem skin

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