LanaBetty Mint Green Sea Otter Enamel Pin

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Fun facts about one of the smallest ocean living mammal:

  • To prevent drifting apart when they sleep, otters hold hands.
  • Otters don't have blubber to keep them warm and instead have super dense fur, up to nearly 1,000,000 hairs per square inch!
  • Like polar bears in the Arctic, sea otters are considered keystone species in their ecosystems, because they affect great influence on their environments. For instance, they plentifully eat sea urchins, which eat kelp in great abundance. When the sea urchins’ populations are controlled by sea otters, vital kelp forests can flourish.

Hand drawn and designed by LanaBetty in Vancouver, BC.

Size: 1.25 inches.

Pin these to your jacket, purse, collar and immediately feel a pep in your step.


These are ready to ship! Please allow 4 days from order for shipments to be mailed out. You'll be glad you did - the lapel pins are so much fun!


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