Don’t Cross the River Mug

Don’t Cross the River Mug

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Hey Southside, this ones for you. We love you even if you’re scared to come on our turf. 


We are sorry that the pandemic has taken a lot of businesses away from Whyte ave, but if you cross the River we got you. Well we won’t “Get” you, you know what we mean. 

We couldn’t be prouder to be grown and raised north and to have our shop on the Northside of Edmonton and treaty 6 land. 

If you do not like coffee- well it makes a great planter, Pencil cup, gift, toothbrush holder and cats water dish. It’s a great gift for your southside pals.  

This mug is will hold 15 Oz, and dishwasher safe. 



Please note that we are not liable for damage from Canada Post. We pack our mugs in boxes certified to withstand 200 pounds of pressure. They are packed with paper surrounding them by a staff with 10 years warehouse experience. They are marked Fragile. Shipping is at your own risk with glass. 

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