Where are we? 

Manchester square! 12024 107 ave. 



Tuesday 11-6

Wed 11-6

Thurs 11-6

Fri 11-6

Sat 11-5

Sun 11-4 

Monday closed. 

You can shop ONLINE and we pick up in store. 


Queen Mary and Westmount DONATIONS

Majesty and Friends choose to support the most vulnerable in our local hood and will make donations to neighborhood schools with a letterhead request in writing.

All other requests must be brought to the store in letter form in person and you will be contacted at our discretion.


Anyone entering should be aware they are being recorded on multiple security cameras. Any theft will be prosecuted. Bullying is not tolerated. We reserve the right to be treated with respect to keep our employees safe. Both in the store and on social media. Anyone not abiding will be prosecuted. Social media bullying, defamation, slander will be reported as crime. Screenshots don't lie. 


If you are looking for a donation to a local charity in Edmonton we require an official letterhead letter in physical form if you would like to be considered and added to the ask list. At the end of the month, Majesty chooses one letter a month to donate, provided they are an official registered non-profit with the Gov't of Canada. Majesty cannot provide free goods for exposure on social media. 


We have a no returns or exchange policy. This is to protect us as a small business from loss and to protect our artisans. We pay our artisans monthly and cannot take a return if we have already paid that artist for that item. We ensure that our merchandise is well crafted and without flaw. But don't fear! Our artisans are excellent and professional and you are free to contact them with any issues related to the manufacture of that item. We ask that you respect our artisans and us and our policies. 


The mugs are made with sublimation. We use a special printer with special ink, then heat set the design into the poly coating on the special mugs. They absolutely can go in the dishwasher, but hand washing is best to keep the design as fresh as possible and avoid fading. 


According to our mug supplier, Joto Imaging Supplies- these mugs are microwave safe and heat resistant. Lead and Cadmium free. FDA compliant. CA Prop 65 approved. Ceramic Platinum 32 Handle Strength Test- Passed. 

However because microwaves heat unevenly, it is recommended that you use hand protection (like a pot holder) whenever removing a hot item from a microwave or oven for your own safety. 



Perfect for the hard to buy people in your life, or just someone that needs a treat.

Choose your denomination amount (over $10cdn) and rock the gift giving vibe! Gift cards are good for all merchandise in the store. Thank you so much for supporting local businesses!

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